Diploma Course

Diploma Course 2019 - 2021, starting September 2, 2019


deadline for registration:

August 16, 2019


Course Structure

The postgraduate Training Programmes in Pharmaceutical Medicine are based on curricular units in a modular format. The ECPM Diploma Course comprises six modules (24 days) spread over a two year period and provides a foundation of integrated knowledge in science-based medical product development and regulation.  Each module has a face-to-face course plus distance-learning activities, which allows a vocational training.

The course language is English.

Recognized by Swissethics: Since September 2018 the CAS/DAS in Pharmaceutical Medicine is recognised by Swissethics as investigator and sponsor-investigator training in research ethics and GCP.

THE 2 PARTS OF THE Diploma course

Diploma Modules


Upon completion of the six modules, students can chose to either take an MCQ exam, only, resulting in a Certificate in Pharmaceutical Medicine. In order to qualify for a Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine, students will need to take the MCQ exam, as well as an oral exam and essay writing.

Continuing Education Seminars – ‘Frontiers in Drug Development’ 

While the first 3 days of each module focus on teaching the basics of drug development, the fourth day is dedicated to hot topics, current trends and new developments. On day 4 of each course module current topics, new trends and developments in drug development are presented. Continuing education seminars are a mandatory integral part of the ECPM Course.


Course regulations (available soone)


Participants of the diploma course represent many different countries and working places worldwide. The variety of background offers a great opportunity to network and to learn from your peers.