In conformity with the Bolognasystem three postgraduate degrees are offered, this includes a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Pharmaceutical Medicine with 20 ECTS, a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) in Pharmaceutical Medicine with 30 ECTS and a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Medicines Development with min 60 ECTS. These degrees can be achieved by completing the courses in a modular way and by building up the knowledge according to your needs.

Participants with a successful DAS can either apply as an MD for a Swiss Specialist in Pharmaceutical Medicine (working at least 1.5 years in Switzerland, and as an MSc or PhD for  a SwAPP (Swiss Association of Pharmaceutical Professionals) Diploma (


The ECPM diploma course and the master course are postgraduate level education programmes designed for pharmaceutical industry, regulatory and university professionals to improve their skills. 

The ECPM diploma course builds the basis with six mandatory modules covering all parts of the drug development process, i.e. from molecule to market. They form the basis of the master programme, which is structured into the basic diploma modules and elective, extension modules which can be chosen within the PharmaTrain Syllabus and the Bologna Partner Universities network and a master thesis. This offers an opportunity of high flexibility and mobility to be completed while working.   Extension modules can be chosen according to the students Need.

Bologna System

In 1999 the European Ministers agreed on the Bologna Declaration (40 countries) which promotes the following points: the adoption of a system of easily readable and comparable degrees (i.e. Bachelor and Masters degrees), establishment of a system of credit points (ECTS), promotion of mobility, promotion of European cooperation in quality assurance and the promotion of the European dimensions in higher education and lifelong learning. For more information about the ECTS please consult