Since 2003, ECPM has established an internationally recognized academic research institution with a focus on pharmaceutical-related and health care-related research. ECPM's research activities focus on the health economic characteristics, cost-benefit implications and efficient use (e.g. guided by predictive testing or risk stratification models) of pharmaceuticals and other health care interventions in Switzerland and internationally. They have a close relationship with modern Health Technology Assessment and imply the use and integration of health economic and pharmacoeconomic evaluation methodology (cost effectiveness, cost utility, application of advanced modelling techniques), outcomes research and clinical research (including randomised clinical trial and observational study methodology), and biostatistics. Complementary activities occur in related fields such as health systems research, Health Services Research and drug-related clinical epidemiology.

Health economic evaluation studies, which are at the core of ECPM's research activities, integrate clinical evidence with medical resource use and cost data to analyze the value for money provided by new or long-used drugs and other healthcare interventions. The overarching question is how scarce health care resources can be optimally used to maximize patient benefit. The results of this type of research are an important pre-requisite of informed and transparent decision making in the health care sector.

Clinical fields addressed by ECPM studies include oncology and hematology, cardiovascular disease, geriatrics, postoperative pain management, osteoporosis, infectious diseases and vaccinations.

Graduate and Postgraduate Teaching, PhD education

Members of the ECPM research team are involved in training and education in health economics and quantitative research methodology, at the graduate  and postgraduate levels. Postgraduate teaching activities are concentrated on ECPM's own courses and on the Postgraduate Programme in Public Health  jointly offered by Universities Basel, Bern and Zürich, under the umbrella of SSPH+. We are also engaged in the supervision and co-supervision of PhD projects (PhD in Epidemiology, PhD in Clincial Research, PhD in Drug Development) at the University of Basel.