Frontiers in Drug Development Seminar on

Impact and Challenges of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products

June 28, 2018, Basel






Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) such as gene therapy and somatic cell therapy medicinal products but also tissue-engineered products are cutting-edge therapies rising hope for many patients with limited therapeutic options. Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products open new horizons on one hand, on the other hand novel issues are rising which complicate the availability of ATMPs to the patients and the introduction of this innovative products to the different health care systems and markets. Planning, conducting and evaluation of clinical trials with ATMP do not necessarily follow the common rules of traditional drug development and consequently scientific advice and as a consequence the regulatory requirements of the health authorities are currently adjusted.

To face the novel challenges arising during development, manufacturing, regulation, and reimbursement issues of ATMP, all relevant stakeholders need to team in a multidisciplinary approach. To prepare yourself for a new area of drug development and to get involved in the evolution of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, we invite you to join us for the one-day seminar on “Impact and Challenges of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products”.




1 day workshops, recognised for continuing professional development. The workshops are held on day four of each ECPM Course Module.


5 workshops over a period of two years equal 1 ECTS credit.
Accredited as continuing education by the Swiss Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine (SGPM) and the Swiss Society of Pharmaceutical Professionals (SwAPP).


680 CHF
580 CHF for ECPM Alumni and SwAPP/SGPM members
210 CHF for employees of universities and other nonprofit institutions

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