Frontiers in Drug Development Seminar on

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Drug Development

September 6, 2018, Basel


Deadline for Registration: August 24, 2018



The integration of big data and artificial intelligence in drug discovery and development, public health, and personal health is making headway. Advanced analytical and cognitive computing tools are becoming indispensable to make data accessible and applicable in order to unleash the yet untapped potential of big data. Stakeholders in drug discovery and development as well as decision makers in public health need access to the right data at the right time to facilitate informed decisions.

The driving interest to promote artificial intelligence for drug discovery and development is its potential to increase the speed of discovery, to facilitate the identification of new targets and compounds, and consequently, the prospective of reduced costs for the drug development process.As researchers, drug developers, manufacturers, regulators, patients, and payers we should be aware of the chances and challenges big data and artificial intelligence are offering to advance health care and in particular drug development.

We invite you to join us for the seminar and get insights to the prospects of “Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Drug Development”.




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