Frontiers in Drug Development Seminar on

Global Streamlining of Marketing Authorisation

February 14, 2019, Basel

Deadline for Registration: January 30, 2019







Drug regulation overseas the ongoing assessment of product safety, efficacy, and quality and promotes the development and availability of new and better products to protect public health. Globalisation of drug development challenges regulators and the regulated industry around the world. Harmonisation of requirements, mutual recognition of evaluations and other means of work sharing are strategies for keeping pace with the progress of globalisation.

In this context, a new strategic regulatory approach and greater harmonisation, coordination and alignment of regulatory rules among nations is evolving.

Join us to learn how collaboration of pharmaceutical industries and health authorities foster global streamlining of marketing authorisation.




1 day workshops, recognised for continuing professional development. The workshops are held on day four of each ECPM Course Module.


5 workshops over a period of two years equal 1 ECTS credit.
Accredited as continuing education by the Swiss Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine (SGPM) and the Swiss Society of Pharmaceutical Professionals (SwAPP).


680 CHF
580 CHF for ECPM Alumni and SwAPP/SGPM members
210 CHF for employees of universities and other nonprofit institutions

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