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Frontiers in Drug Development Seminar on

How to Master the Final Hurdle of Drug Development

June 27, 2019, Basel

Deadline for Registration: June 8, 2019




Learn about the latest pharma market access and reimbursement strategies

To ensure that patients in need have timely access to innovative treatments is major task of pharmaceutical market access teams.

After demonstrating safety, efficacy, and quality to the regulatory agencies the final hurdle is to show cost-effectiveness and to develop a strategy to gain market access and reimbursement for a pharmaceutical, medical technology, or biotechnological product.

There is increasing demand from healthcare policy makers and payers to link prices to the value of drugs which challenges pharmaceutical industry to prepare efficient market access and reimbursement strategies. It is crucial to start as early as possible in the drug development process and to engage with health technology assessment bodies addressing the needs of a growing number of stakeholders, including physicians, patients, governments and payers. Adequate outcome assessments are needed to ensure appropriate reward for innovation and value delivered. Parallel scientific advice from health technology assessment bodies and regulators is increasing to deliver effective strategies, but still all stakeholders are challenged to smoothen this process to ensure access to innovative treatments.

In this seminar, experts from various stakeholder groups will discuss the challenges and innovations around market access and reimbursement strategies.




1 day workshops, recognised for continuing professional development. The workshops are held on day four of each ECPM Course Module.


5 workshops over a period of two years equal 1 ECTS credit.
Accredited as continuing education by the Swiss Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine (SGPM) and the Swiss Society of Pharmaceutical Professionals (SwAPP).

50 FPH credit points in hospital pharmacy


680 CHF
580 CHF for ECPM Alumni and SwAPP/SGPM members
210 CHF for employees of universities and other nonprofit institutions

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