Frontiers in Drug Development

Accelerating Pharma R&D with Artificial Intelligence and other Tools

September 5, 2019

Explore the potential of AI in minimising inefficiencies and uncertainty in drug discovery, design and development.

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Re-Engineering Preclinical Testing and and the Impact on First in Human Studies

February 13, 2020

It is high time to rethink and improve preclinical testing to pave the way to optimise First in Human Studies.

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  • June 25, 2020

  • September 10, 2020

  • February 4, 2021

  • June 24, 2021

FRontiers in Drug Development: Outline

ECPM offers one day seminars on current topics, new trends and developments in drug development science. These seminars provide the opportunity to integrate work and further education, to discuss with experts face-to-face and to build an international network. They take place back to back to the ECPM modules and build a compulsory part of the ECPM course. Additionally they are open to our alumni and other interested scientists and can be booked separately.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should learn more about various topic such as:

  • Future trends in drug development including Future Information Technologies, Nano-Technologies, Computer Simulation and Modelling, Personalised Medicine, Genomics, Biologicals and Biosimilars, Advanced Therapeutics.

  • Regulatory Agency updates from FDA, EMA and Swissmedic.

  • Ethical, Economic and Epidemiological Considerations and Concepts in Drug Development.


1 day workshops, recognised for continuing professional development. The workshops are held on day four of each ECPM Course Module.


5 workshops over a period of two years equal 1 ECTS credit.
Accredited as continuing education by the Swiss Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine (SGPM) and the Swiss Society of Pharmaceutical Professionals (SwAPP).


For MMD participants, the fee of this Module is not included in the MMD tuition fee.
For use à la carte or CPD, course fee incl. Course material, lunch and coffee breaks is CHF 680. For Alumni, SGPM and SwAPP members CHF 580, for academia a reduced price of CHF 210 is offered.

overview ECPM courses

List of Seminars since 1991

  • ECPM/FDA Workshop, 1992 and 1994

  • Computer Simulation and Modelling, 1996

  • The EMEA and You, 1997

  • Evidence-based Medicine, 1997

  • Active Drug Metabolites and Stereoisomers, 1998

  • Future Information Technologies, 1998

  • Streamlining Proof of Principle, 1999

  • Genomics in Pharmaceutical Medicine, 2000

  • Enhanced and Frontloaded Decision Making, 2000

  • Perspectives of Knowledge Management, 2001

  • Pharmaceutical Specialist Education Models, 2002

  • Optimising Swiss Drug Development & Regulation in 2002, 2002

  • EUFEPS/ECPM Conference on Optimising Drug Development: Getting the Dose Right, 2002

  • Update on European and American Drug Regulation, 2003

  • Medicines, Moral and Money - Economic and Legal Issues in Drug Development and Marketing, 2003

  • EUFEPS/ECPM Conference on Optimising Drug Development: Integrating New Concepts and Tools, 2003

  • Personalised Medicine, 2004

  • Swiss Drug Development Today, 2004

  • Quality Cardiovascular Drug Development, 2004

  • EUFEPS/ECPM Conference on Optimising Drug Development: Balancing Safety and Effectiveness from Discovery to Clinical Practice, 2004

  • European Drug Regulation, Promotion and Law, 2005

  • The Latest on Biologicals and Biosimilars, 2006

  • Swiss Drug Development and Legal Regulation 2006, 2006

  • Personalised Medicines – A Reality Check, 2006

  • Incentivising Better Medicines for Children, 2007

  • Pharma and Biotech Industries Scenarios 2020, 2007

  • Vaccines – From Prevention to Therapy, 2008

  • Clinical Endpoints & Outcomes, 2008

  • Advanced Therapeutics – From Nano to Stem Cells, 2008

  • Specifics of Devices and Combination Products, 2009

  • The Risk-Benefit Value Equation, 2009

  • Frontiers of Medicines Development, 2010

  • The Price of Globalisation: Drug Trials in Resource-Limited Settings, 2010

  • Elderly in Future Pharmacotherapy, 2010

  • Emerging Definitions of Risk Management, 2011

  • 20th Anniversary of ECPM: Medicines’ Development in the Next Decade of the Human Genome Project, 2011

  • Biomarkers in Drug Development, 2012

  • Off-Label Drug Use, 2012

  • Genes, Nutrition and Disease, 2012

  • Incentivising Better Medicines for Children, 2013

  • Update in Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety, 2013

  • Health Technology Assessment – Today and Tomorrow, 2013

  • Finding the right dose – From Paracelsus to Pharmacometrics, 2014

  • Targeting the Right Endpoint with the Right Trial Design in the Right Patient, 2014

  • Why do Clinical Trials Fail? – Pre-Clinical, Clinical, and Post-Marketing Issues, 2014

  • Sharing and Exchanging health Data Online, 2015

  • International Health System and Market Access, 2015

  • Measuring Health: Epidemiology and Burden of Disease, 2015

  • Genomics in Drug Development and Beyond, 2016

  • Key Concepts in Clinical Trial Design, 2016

  • Big Data, Patients and the Real World in Pharmaceutical Medicine and Drug Development, 2016

  • Pharmaceutical and Regulatory Law, 2017

  • Health Care Systems & Pharma Market Access, 2017

  • Translational Medicine in Drug Development Roles and Models - where do they fit?, 2017

  • One Dose Fits All - Versus Tailor-Made Dosing, 2018

  • Impact and Challenges of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, 2018

  • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Drug Development, 2018

  • Global Streamlining of Marketing Authorisation, 2019

  • How to Master the Final Hurdle of Drug Development; 2019