Learning Methods


Selected faculty from industry, academia and regulatory authorities provide lectures spanning both the basics of drug development as well as current trends, topics and developments in important drug, diagnostic and therapeutic areas and related issues. Courses focus on interactive learning and in-depth discussions and break-out groups, where participants work on case studies, compliment the lectures in each Module.  Students are provided with a summary, slides and reference list of each lecture in the materials and online. Videos of the lectures are also provided for study purposes.  In order to ensure that the curriculum is aligned with trends in pharmaceutical medicine ECPM consults with an advisory board of external specialists on a regular basis.

Case Studies

Participants work in small interdisciplinary teams on ‘real-life cases’. Problems are analysed and discussed together with faculty members. Participants try to reach a common strategy, which is then presented and defended in a roundtable discussion. Documents and background literature of the case studies are made available for download from our homepage three weeks prior to each course module and students must read the material in advance, in order to be able to actively discuss the problem.

Multimedia Technology

The Pharmacenter offers facilities for videoconference transmission in the auditorium and special rooms for interactive computer-based teaching. Course documents, a glossary, –videos of lectures and multiple choice questions for self- testing are available for course participants on the ECPM website. 

Our website comprises an interactive electronic learning system, which allows downloading of documents, viewing of film clips, the use of a glossary and to practice the content by completing examples of examination questions. The ECPM Course participants will receive a personal password which will be valid through the entire course to access this close under group. A chat room and the possibility to contact other participants and the teaching faculty are provided. 


A multiple-choice questionnaire for self-assessment of the acquired knowledge will be available at the end of each module on our website. The test comprises practice exam questions contributed by each lecturer from the lecture content. 


After each course module the participants have to work on an assignment. This can be done autonomously or in groups. The final document will be uploaded for revision onto the ECPM e-learning site.