Master of advanced Studies in Medicines Development

The master programme offers the possibility to obtain a postgraduate master (Master of Advanced Studies MAS) in Medicines Development at the University of Basel. The MAS programme extends the six modules of the Diploma of Advanced Studies in Pharmaceutical Medicine (DAS).

The MAS programme is targeted at representatives from industry, service industry (CROs etc.), and academic and government decision- and policy-makers, who already have a good grounding in the basics of drug development. Students will benefit from a more in-depth, comprehensive and systematic immersion into modern medical product development, regulation and market introduction. Students can enrol in both the ECPM course and the master course concomitantly.     

The master programme is designed and organised by ECPM together with other Universities throughout Europe and other health care partner organisations. ECPM collaborates with a science-driven and highly experienced international Faculty including a network of experts in pharmaceutical medicine and medical product development sciences. The master modules are offered by a network of universities under the quality label of Pharmatrain.  

Structure of the MAS

The six modules and the examination of the diploma course form the mandatory part of the master programme, the remaining master modules can be chosen and booked freely (please see CPD list) either from our training platform or from other course providers or partner universities.which offer training relevant to drug development sciences and the IMI PharmaTrain syllabus (add link to our own list of CPDs).

In addition to the 30 ECTS from the successful diploma course, the additional 20 ECTS credits need to be achieved through master modules which can be collected individually by attending continuing education courses (CPDs) and finally 10 ECTS by writing and submitting a master thesis. Learning outcomes of the modules are assessed individually upon completion of each module to achieve the credit points.     
For more information on courses at partner universities please consult – master programmes. Before enrolling in a course at another university with the intent of having this accredited towards your MMD, we strongly recommend that you contact the course directorate to ensure that the courses will be accredited.

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The 3 parts of the MAS in Medicines Development

Master Thesis

The Master Thesis can be developed during the Master Programme.  

The Master thesis topic ideally relates to the candidates’ area of work or special interest and may either be suggested by the participants or discussed and developed further with the course directorate. Please note that the topic of the thesis must be approved by the course directorate before initiation. Once the above steps have been taken  the thesis may be started at any time. The written report covers the work performed within the scope of the thesis. The text should not exceed 40 pages. The thesis (including preparation for the final examination) should be completed within four semesters based on part-time study. The final thesis must be handed in two months before the final examination.