Module 1: Global Drug Development and Pharmaceutical Business Environment

Principles and organisation of global pharmaceutical research and label-driven product development. Future directions of global pharmaceutical and health economics and business environments, and implications for drug selection, drug development, regulatory and business evaluations. Innovation in discovery and development as a response to medical and market needs. Health care and disease management and their application in the changing health care system environment. Patenting of new chemical and biological compounds

Key topics

  • Discovering, modifying, assessing and patenting new chemical and biological compounds
  • System biology and principles of translational research
  • Introduction in the drug development process and the health care environment
  • Drug development for special populations
  • Project management techniques

Learning outcomes

At the end of this module the student should be able to outline the:

  1. Principal discovery and validation steps in drug development
  2. The elements, functions and the management involved in the translational research and integrated development of a new drug
  3. Principles of patenting new chemical compounds