Teaching Principle

The ECPM Course follows the IMI PharmaTrain Syllabus for postgraduate education in pharmaceutical medicine and aims at a high academic standard. According to Bloom's educational learning objectives are classified into six levels of complexity and mastery of cognition (1956):

  • Knowledge: memorisation, recognition and recall of facts

  • Comprehension: understanding what facts mean

  • Application: correct use of facts, rules, ideas

  • Analysis: breaking down information into components parts

  • Synthesis: combination of facts, ideas, information to make new whole

  • Evaluation: judging or forming an opinion about the information or situation

Ideally, each of these levels and the respective learning objectives should be covered in each course.


The entire ECPM training platform covers all aspects of pharmaceutical medicine and drug development in line with the IMI PharmaTrain syllabus, which is, in turn, based on the one from IFAPP, International Federation of Associations of Pharmaceutical Physicians and Royal College of Physicians in London.

For more information please view www.pharmatrain.eu or www.ifapp.org.
Pharmatrain Syllabus 2018