Titles & Exam

Certificate of Advanced Studies in Pharmaceutical Medicine (CAS): 20 ECTS  

To achieve a Certificate in Pharmaceutical Medicine it is required to successfully complete a two-year course cycle and to pass the multiple choice examination. This examination consists of 120 questions.  

Diploma of Advanced Studies in Pharmaceutical Medicine (DAS); 30 ECTS  

The University of Basel will award participants who successfully complete a course cycle and pass the final examination consisting of the multiple choice test, an oral and an essay writing examination a ‘Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) in Pharmaceutical Medicine’. The oral examination is based on the pre-reading of a peer reviewed paper and the essay writing includes three one page summaries on given topics.        

Specialist Title in Pharmaceutical Medicine  

For MDs, the Diploma title covers the theoretical part to apply for the FMH (Swiss Association of Medical Doctors) specialty title in pharmaceutical medicine as defined by the Swiss Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians (SGPM), please see www.sgpm.ch.                  

SwAPP Diploma  

The Swiss Association of Pharmaceutical Professionals (SwAPP) offers an equivalent title for PhDs and other pharmaceutical professionals based on the successful completion of the diploma course, please see www.swapp.ch Many countries in the world are in the process of creating a specialist title and a continuing education programme in Pharmaceutical Medicine. Switzerland und UK, are two of the first countries, have already implemented the process to achieve such a title. A mutual recognition of the Swiss and the Britain title and examination has been signed.