Undergraduate/Graduate Teaching

ECPM employees teach a variety of graduate-targeted courses within the Medical Faculty and the Pharmacenter of the University of Basel, as well as at the Medical/Science faculty of the University of Zurich. Lectures are given in English and German, please see respective title.  

  • quantitative research methodology
  • Health economics
  • Health policy
  • Health services research
  • Drug Development
  • Drug Safety
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Epidemiology
  • Genomics
  • Pharmarecht  

Modules offered for Medical Students University of Basel:  

Interprofessionelles Modul (IPM)

  • Drug Development (Medikamentenentwicklung)
  • Health Care policy for medical students (Gesundheitspolitik für Medizinstudenten – Eine Einführung)
  • Medical economics (Medizinische Ökonomie – Eine Einführung) 
  • Pharmacogenetics and -genomics  

Wissensmonat (WiMo)

  • Review of an Abstract (Aufbau und Review eines Abstracts)   
  • Problem-oriented scientific thinking (Problemorientiertes wissenschaftliches Denken)   
  • Scientific presentation (Wissenschaftliche Präsentation)  

Themenblock Körper, Subjekt, Umwelt KSU

  • Student-groups of various research topics  

Courses offered for Medical and Human Biology Students University of Zurich